Space Between

The story is set in the multiverse of Ananake and draws on myths and legends of ancient Earth, weaving a tale that moves from Sherwood Forest to distant worlds and outer space. It involves, amongst other things, magical gateways, Area 51, sentient spacecraft, a 50 thousand year old intergalactic war, elves and dwarves, wonder bras, Machu Picchu and strong coffee.

Kim thinks her day is going badly when her friend fails to meet her at Sherwood Forest. Then an annoying knight hits on her and she is stalked by an elf and a dwarf. But then the aliens attack and things really start to go down hill. Collecting strange companions along the way she finds herself in a race to stop the war with the aliens before things really get out of control.

Buy the story from Amazon for just $2.99. It’s worth every cent.

The sequels, Singing Other Worlds, When The Time Comes, and A Different Kind of Heaven are all available.


5 thoughts on “Space Between

  1. This is one of the best sci-fi stories I have read in a while. Ok so this summer I read a lot of free books. This story, though, is as good as and better than a lot of books I have purchased for $8. I got the first one free but happily purchased the second, When The Time Comes, and will continue to do so unless you decide to gift me one. Irregardless they will all be mine, I now need them. Thanks.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for coming to comment. (Have you done a review on Amazon– obviously you don’t have to but any mention anywhere is always appreciated by any writer). “When the Time Comes” is actually book 3 though– hopefully you already got book 2 as well, “Singing other Worlds”, and were just a bit confused. 🙂

      • Yes, confused, my watchword. I’m now reading “Singing Other Worlds” and yes I did leave a review, which by the way I almost never leave written reviews but this story and your style of delivery forces me to gush a bit.

      • I’ve finished the series and it was so good I want more. I want to go on that journey with the Hakahei to drop off the new passengers. Hope I get to.
        I want to thank you for the free gift on Amazon, Stars & Empire: 10 Galactic Tales. Very kind of you but it will be on the back burner until I have exhausted your repertoire.

  2. I’m glad you liked the series. There will be more stories to come, though not just yet. My next book is a sword and scorcery novella coming out in a coupe of weeks. It is set in the Tengama universe but isn’t a Hakahei story. If it sells well (huh), I’ll be writing another two in that series (they should be reasonably quick) and then back to the Hakahei. If not, the Hakahei *might* be next.

    And I never sent you a free book… But you’re welcome anyway. 🙂

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