Singing Other Worlds

Singing Other Worlds is the 2nd book of The Tribes of the Hakahei.

Kim has made it into space but that is really just the start of the battle. She and the other crew members of the recently discovered Hakahei starship need help. They set about finding recruits while, at the same time, helping the USA make use of the ships hidden on the world of Nexis.

But Kim and her companions don’t really know what they’re doing and create their own emergencies along the way. And the hurgon and the multeese are out there and aren’t going to make things easy either. in fact, Kim is wondering if anything will ever be easy again.

Book 2 introduces two new POV characters, including Scree, the troll we met briefly in the prologue of The Space Between.

Singing Other Worlds is available now from Amazon. As ever, if you would like to read it but don’t have a Kindle, let me know and we can work something out.


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