The Great Mozart Marathon: Episode 5

This one was written in London when Wolfy was about 8 years old and all I can say is that I can hear the Stock, Aitkmen and Waterman influences… Not really, obviously. All I’m going to say (because I can’t remember much of the earlier pieces seeing it was so long ago)  is harpsichord. Again. (This one is apparently available in piano versions as well but I didn’t see one quickly.) Though there does seem to be more light and shade than I remember from the others. Perhaps that’s only because there are some other instruments in there helping out.

But not saying anything. So, shhhh.


205 Books: Andorra

So, I’ve been a bit slow with everything on the blog recently because I’ve been working on trying to get some POD books sorted for my Tribes of the Hakahei. This has involved a name change (It is now two books instead of four and the series is called The Bygone Wars— mcheopsuch better) and covers and layout and whatever else. Because of some difficulties with my covers I still haven’t actually finished yet, but I’ve got past the bit I needed to do quickly to get the setup for free. So now I’m having a bit of a break.

So, with that in mind, I have chosen (and actually paid money for) my Andorran book.  Albert Salvadó comes from the correct part of the world but the book is called The Teacher of Cheops (which you could probably tell from the cover) and is obviously set in Egypt.


I’m a bit disappointed about that, but finding English translations of books has been a bit difficult. So it is done, and I shall be putting up a review when I finish.