A History of Magic


It’s done. A History of Magic is finally available on Amazon. It’s been a long time coming. A long time.


You can buy it for just $1 for a couple of days. And book 1, The Age of Heroes, is free at the moment. So go and check them out. Two great books for just a dollar. And the final book in the series should be out very soon. (I have said similar things before, but the first couple of draft are done.)



China Mieville: The Scar


I know China Mieville doesn’t need me to do a review of his book, The Scar, but I’m going to do it anyway.

The short review… Wow.

The slightly longer review, that really tells you nothing of substance… I read Perdido Street Station years ago and loved it. But I can’t remember it being anywhere near the same level as The Scar. There is the same sort of invention with the world and the characters, but the plot just seems to start as this little thing and it keeps expanding like some type of fantastical, steam-driven schematic of a fantastical, steam-driven machine. (Don’t ask me about steam driven schematics. I have no idea how they work.) It just keeps unfolding and you keep seeing more and more of the crazy, epically-detailed device. And not only is the device itself amazing, but the paper has an amazing texture and the drawing is beautiful and the ink smells of magic and…

So, yeah, I didn’t mind it.


Well, that was a longer break than I was hoping for.

I have been trying to finish the next draft of A History of Magic before posting, but I discovered that I have to write a whole new day (it is broken up into days) and so that is obviously taking a bit more time than expected. I am so close though. It’s frustrating…

So, anyway, I am, to announce the winners of the hardcopy of my soon (yes, we all know my version of ‘soon’ so don’t be holding your breath) to be available 366 Days poetry book made up from last years posts.

And, the winner is…

Zoe, from over at Zurk Poetry. Yay, let’s all hear it for Zoe. The odds were in her favor seeing she made more comments than anyone else over the year. And look how it paid off for her. She must be very excited about now. 🙂

So, the book will get made, and I shall send a copy out for Zoe, and of course announce it here so everyone can rush out and buy a copy for themselves. But before that, you can still get one of my novels, and A History of Magic is coming. Hopefully it won’t be too far away.

And I will post here more often. I have a poem I’m playing with at the moment, so that will be up before the end of the weekend, I promise. Now, to work…

Poetry (Day 366): Zero Sum

So, here it is. The last day of my marathon.

I think there were four days where I missed a post. Once, I was in hospital. Once, I was working until midnight and posted a poem at about 12:30am. And yes, that leaves twice that I must have just plain forgotten. I remember one of those occasions, I can’t remember the other. But I made up for it every time with two poems soon after. (The next day on three occasions, about three days with the hospital thing, seeing I was recovering from pneumonia.)

All up, I’m going to say I succeeded. So, woo hoo. I did it.

Next year I’m going to do even better. I’ll make sure I don’t miss any… Huh, who am I kidding? There will be no next year. I intend to write more poetry, but my other writing has suffered because of the poetry so I’m not going to commit to anything at all. Maybe it will be more like one a week or something.

Either way, today is your last chance to enter the competition. (Okay, I’ll give you until the end of the January). Reblog, share or tweet any of my posts or comment to go in the draw. I haven’t started working on the illustrations yet, but it will happen as soon as I finish the current draft of my latest book. A few weeks, hopefully. So, while you are waiting for that, you could go and check out my novels on Amazon. I like to think they are well worth the money.

Or just come and say hello. Tell me you poetic highlights for the year For those who have visited regularly, I thank you and I hope you keep coming back.

And here it is, poem number 366. I was going to do something about beginnings and endings, and it kinda is…



Zero Sum



They say it is better
to die on your feet
than live on your knees.
But life, despair, hope
are not zero sum games
and you are
a long time dead.

Poetry (Day 365): Going Back

So, apparently, I had two Day 280’s. I’m just letting you know, in case you were worried or anything.– I’m not actually going to change anything (other than putting the right number today.)


And here is that correctly number poem for you.



Going Back


Driving back to a place
that once, long ago,
felt like home.
Road winding past
the old mill, the
swimming hole, the
school. I knew it all
so intimately
when I was young,
like a prisoner knows every
brick of his cell. But now
the memories are just a movie,
playing unnoticed
in the background of my life.