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Movies and Statistics

I love statistics. I love seeing how all the little bits fit together and the patterns and all that kind of thing. And I love movies. With those two things in mind, I have, since 1995, been keeping a list of every movie I have seen. Not just at the cinema but on TV and DVD/videos that I own and that I borrow.

And, last night. I saw movie number 2000. Movie number 1000 was a bit of a disappointment. In fact, it was one of the worst movies ever and it bugs me because I should have known before I went in there. So this time, I decided I’d make sure it was a good movie. I almost saw Blade Runner 2049 as number 2000. But I decided that the company was probably just as important as the actual movie so Blade Runner was number 1999, and it was good.

And last night my wife and I downloaded a Colossal to watch together. And I enjoyed it a lot. She wasn’t such a big fan. She hated it, actually. Oh well. 2000 was still pretty good.

Below is the year by year stats for my movie viewing.



Unfortunately, I started the list on July 1st, 1995, so I haven’t included that year in my averages seeing it would mess everything up a bit. 1995 actually does my head in in so many ways, but I can’t delete it, because I have the info, and I can’t include it in some areas and… Argh. (And obvioulsy2017 is not yet complete, but I can live with that stuff my data.)

Anyway, there is probably nobody else in the world interested in my list, but you can all look anyway. 🙂

Some information that clears up anomalies in the data… I met my wife in March of 2006. And our daughter was born in April of 2008. See what getting a life can do to you?

205 Books: What the Day Owes the Night

My Algerian book, What the Day Owes the Night, was due at my local library on October 10th but actually arrived quite a bit earlier than that. As a result, I’ve already read it. And I am pleased to say I enjoyed it quite a bit more than the first two books of my challenge.

daycover.jpgIt is set partly during the Algerian war for independence but covers the ground with a bit more subtlety than was achieved in 1One Thousand Splendid Suns.

There were a couple of things that seemed a bit contrived or unlikely but overall it was a great story with a well-rounded cast of secondary characters and a nice sense of place.

And I have to say that the translation seemed to be much better than that provided for The Fall of the Stone City. It is impossible to tell for sure, of course, because the Stone City may have been dry and awkward in Albanian (or French, or whatever language it was in) as well.

So, all in all, book number 3 of Around the World in 205 Books was a definite step up. Next… Andorra. I’ll let you know a short list shortly, and it is a list that picks itself.

205 Books: Algeria

whathedayowesthenightAlgeria is next in line for 205 Books. I’ve had a quick look around on the interwebs and have decided to go with What the Day Owes the Night by Yasmina Khadra. The main problem with this decision stems from the fact that my local library does not have e-copies and the only paper copy is currently on loan. It’s due back on October 12, so this will give you all the chance to find your own copies. And until then, or until I get the little postcard telling me the book’s waiting for me, I’ll be reading the second book of The Chronicles of the Black Gate. Again.  You should as well. Or maybe start with book 1, if you really want.

The Age Old Request…

Something I should have added to my last post…

The hardest thing about independent publishing is getting the word out, so if you don’t do reviews, sharing and tweeting stuff about the book would be greatly appreciated. The one little thing you do, a thing that takes a minute, might be the thing that really starts the ball rolling. Not just for me but for any other writer or artist you are vaguely interested in supporting. 

And if there is anyone who has a blog or does do reviews on Amazon, I might be able to organise a review copy for you.

One way or the other, please, go at it, send word out into the world. If nothing else, it sounds better coming from someone that isn’t me. :).

The Great Mozart Marathon: Episode 3


Okay, I’ll get this out there now… I don’t really like the harpsichord. It’s kinda like the slide guitar of the keyboard world for me. (And yes, I know it’s old and the technology moved on and all that, but still.)

I did quite like the 1st movement though, despite that. But while I’m doing comparisons that everyone else will probably not see, the 2nd movement sounded a bit like the UB40 of classical music. Yes, Mozart was 7 or something years old when he wrote this so comparing him to some musicians who have somehow made a living with their elevator reggae for 40 years or something may not be very fair, but I stand by it. The 3rd movement didn’t leave much of an impression at all. (Maybe I was still thinking about UB40 and my mind was mush.)

So, nothing revelatory today but I thought I needed to get the next episode done or I’d be doing this until I’m 72.