Willy wagtail
in a feathered tuxedo,
dancing on the table
like Fred Astaire.



Well, that was a longer break than I was hoping for.

I have been trying to finish the next draft of A History of Magic before posting, but I discovered that I have to write a whole new day (it is broken up into days) and so that is obviously taking a bit more time than expected. I am so close though. It’s frustrating…

So, anyway, I am, to announce the winners of the hardcopy of my soon (yes, we all know my version of ‘soon’ so don’t be holding your breath) to be available 366 Days poetry book made up from last years posts.

And, the winner is…

Zoe, from over at Zurk Poetry. Yay, let’s all hear it for Zoe. The odds were in her favor seeing she made more comments than anyone else over the year. And look how it paid off for her. She must be very excited about now. 🙂

So, the book will get made, and I shall send a copy out for Zoe, and of course announce it here so everyone can rush out and buy a copy for themselves. But before that, you can still get one of my novels, and A History of Magic is coming. Hopefully it won’t be too far away.

And I will post here more often. I have a poem I’m playing with at the moment, so that will be up before the end of the weekend, I promise. Now, to work…

Poetry (Day 365): Going Back

So, apparently, I had two Day 280’s. I’m just letting you know, in case you were worried or anything.– I’m not actually going to change anything (other than putting the right number today.)


And here is that correctly number poem for you.



Going Back


Driving back to a place
that once, long ago,
felt like home.
Road winding past
the old mill, the
swimming hole, the
school. I knew it all
so intimately
when I was young,
like a prisoner knows every
brick of his cell. But now
the memories are just a movie,
playing unnoticed
in the background of my life.