Tengama is a multiverse where a lot of my stories will be set. Seeing Tengama could conceivably contain places where just about anything is possible I could just say every story ever written is set there, but that isn’t how it’s going to work.

Each story must somehow be linked to one of the other stories or to the setting in some way. The links may never be mentioned (anywhere but here) but they will exist. Hopefully, in the end, there will be a whole web of stories out there.

The concept started with the four part series called Tribes of the Hakahei, a story that involves Area51, Robin Hood, genetic engineering, myths and legends from ancient Earth, a 50 thousand year old intergalatic war and lots of strong coffee. The scope for stories spinning off that left me wanting to write more. There were little off hand comments I wanted to look into, settings to explore and characters to get to know.

All four of the Hakahei books are available for Kindle from Amazon and I also have another Tengama novel, a stand-alone, on Kindle and as a paperback from Amazon and various other online stores. It might also be available from book stores, bepending on who their supplier is. I think.


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