205 Books: Angola

chameleon coverSo, it’s been a while. My excuse is doing layout for POD books and also having trouble finding a book from Angola that sounded interesting and that I was willing to pay for. Apparently lots of books from Angola are no longer available. Why the hell is that? There were a couple of books that had great reviews but are unavailable in ebook! The publishers just have to do a couple of hours work and then it’s free money. Oh well, their loss.

In the end, I paid over $6 for the ebook of The Book of Chameleons. It sounds like one of those ones that could be interesting or a complete piece of crap (For eg, the narrator of the book is a gecko and there is apparently no chameleon at all.) So, wish me luck.

And, in the future, I intend to start looking for books a bit sooner so, hopefully, the long delays don’t happen as often. (And I did read another book in the middle, by the way.


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