Movies and Statistics

I love statistics. I love seeing how all the little bits fit together and the patterns and all that kind of thing. And I love movies. With those two things in mind, I have, since 1995, been keeping a list of every movie I have seen. Not just at the cinema but on TV and DVD/videos that I own and that I borrow.

And, last night. I saw movie number 2000. Movie number 1000 was a bit of a disappointment. In fact, it was one of the worst movies ever and it bugs me because I should have known before I went in there. So this time, I decided I’d make sure it was a good movie. I almost saw Blade Runner 2049 as number 2000. But I decided that the company was probably just as important as the actual movie so Blade Runner was number 1999, and it was good.

And last night my wife and I downloaded a Colossal to watch together. And I enjoyed it a lot. She wasn’t such a big fan. She hated it, actually. Oh well. 2000 was still pretty good.

Below is the year by year stats for my movie viewing.



Unfortunately, I started the list on July 1st, 1995, so I haven’t included that year in my averages seeing it would mess everything up a bit. 1995 actually does my head in in so many ways, but I can’t delete it, because I have the info, and I can’t include it in some areas and… Argh. (And obvioulsy2017 is not yet complete, but I can live with that stuff my data.)

Anyway, there is probably nobody else in the world interested in my list, but you can all look anyway. 🙂

Some information that clears up anomalies in the data… I met my wife in March of 2006. And our daughter was born in April of 2008. See what getting a life can do to you?


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