205 Books: The Fall of the Stone City

Apparently, The Fall of the Stone City, by Ismail Kadare, is a deep and meaningful book that offers truth and blah blah blah. Seriously?

Maybe all that stuff is in there somewhere. Maybe I’m just someone who has spent my life reading “genre” books more than anything else so I expect… more in the way of actual plot. Or something.

I’ve gone and read some reviews and they all talk about the wit and the twists and… One of them even talks about the lovely translation and here I was thinking maybe the translation was terrible and that was why the language was so boring and simple. I was thinking maybe that was why some bits were barely readable– like the bit where a character was sitting in a car thinking about a conversation he was going to be having in a few minutes; the guy sitting with him in the car was getting confused. Then he had the actual conversation and he was getting confused himself and… I was confused.

It started out strange, looked like it was building towards something interesting in the middle, then nothing. There are probably metaphors and allusions and whatever that I didn’t get, but surely a story must stand on its own.

In conclusion, A Thousand Splendid Suns didn’t live up to the hype, but I still enjoyed it to a degree. The Fall of the Stone City was just terrible. Thankfully it was also short.

Now I will be taking a break from Around the World in 205 books. When I come back, I will be reading something from Algeria. If anyone has any suggestions or comments…


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