205 Books: Albania

stonecitycoverIt is time for book number two and after about five minutes of research (which is a lot for me), I came to the conclusion that if I was going to read an Albanian book it should probably be something by Ismail Kadare. It seems to be universally considered that Kadare is the best of the best when it comes to writers from that neck of the woods.

So, that part of the problem out of the way, I signed up to get ebooks from my local library and looked for Kadare. At first, nothing at all came up, but I think I was doing something wrong. I continued to do the same wrong thing for a few more minutes and eventually…

Four choices. Two of them… Not so much. Of the two that remained, one was something like 2500kB and the other was about 500kB. Huh! A winner.

I am pleased to announce that, a couple of nights ago, I started reading The Fall of the Stone City, though I admit, the cover put me off a bit– it looks like someone let my mother loose with photoshop. (Sorry Mum). And without knowing anything about Albanian or its history or politics, I’m not sure how much the story will mean to me, but I guess I will find out. Wish me luck.

And from there, it will be on to Algeria (which, I must say, does seem to be a more interesting list than Albania offered).


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