Poetry (Day 339): Proof





The Burke and Wills
of teenage love.
At the time, we thought
we would last
forever. The whole
world was ours
to discover. But now
only the initials
carved into the tree
prove we were
ever there at all.

For those of you who know nothing about Australian history, Burke and Wills were the explorers who made the first North-South crossing of the country. Trouble is, they died doing it.

They made a base camp for the last leg of the journey. The men left behind waited longer than they were supposed to but ended up leaving just a few hours before Burke and Wills returned. Burke and Wills missed the signs left for them, telling them which way to go. They carved their initials into a tree and headed off in the wrong direction. The men from the base camp changed their mind and headed back, but didn’t find them until it was too late.

I admit to not knowing the exact details of the whole thing. So don’t take what I wrote above as gospel, but you get the idea.

And yes, it is nice to have a slightly longer poem today.


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