Poetry (Day 266): Indecision

Well, another milestone. 100 days to go. But if I’ve just turned into the home straight then, from here, it looks like the longest home straight since Ferdinand Magellan rounded the Cape of Good Hope.

But YAY! 100 days to go.

Don’t forget about the competition. Comment, Like, Retweet, Reblog to go in the draw for the paperback version of my year of poetry. (Liking doesn’t get you anything, other than gratitude, because it doesn’t help spread the word.) So far, two people have got the bulk of the entries between, so it would be nice for some other people to get in there as well.

I’ve also started editing book 2 of my fantasy series The Last Great Hero. Poetry is slowing that down, but it is happening.

Anyway. A poem.





I know enough
to know
I could be wrong.
So I sit
and stare
and hope
that the problem
will solve itself.
I am trapped
on a Mobius strip
of indecision.


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