Poetry (Day 205): Idol




She says, You
are a demagogue.

He smiles and nods.
You know it’s true.
Of course it is.
They all love me
very, very much.
They worship me.
The blacks. And Hispanics.
I love Hispanics. I do
business with them all.
I have friends. Great
people. You know—
and believe me
when I say this—
it’s very, very true.

She is confused.
You think a demagogue
is a good thing to be?

And he shakes his head.
No, you said demigod.
Believe me.
It’s a wonder you remember
anything at all
with a face like that.
And they all worship me,
the Hispanics and the blacks.
So it must be true.
They all worship me
very, very much.
You know it’s true.


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