Poetry (Day 200): Wonder

Another milestone. As long as I counted right, of course. I think I have. but I thought that last time too. Oh well, I’ll do a little happy dance anyway.

Don’t forget the competition. Reblog, Share, Tweet, Comment. Any of those will get you entries in the draw to win a paper back version of all 366 poems. Who wouldn’t want that?

And now, a poem…


I found an old tin
in the bottom
of a drawer.
It was full of ideas
that had been collected
by my daughter.

There was a small,
polished stone
that looked like an
alien beetle,
all smooth and green
and warm to the touch.

There was a toy soldier
with a plumed helmet
and a broken pike.
Dirt clung to his creases
as if he’d just recently
crawled from a grave
to find his companions
and rejoin the war.

And there was a boat,
small and red,
that could be set
onto a river of words
to sail to lands where wonder
can lift even adults,
like the wind lifts
the phoenix from the ashes.


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