Poetry (Day 183): Inspector

Day 183. Otherwise known as half way. Half way? OMG. I got to half way. That is further than I expected, obviously, seeing I was saying way back I didn’t think I’d get through the first month.

I think it’s actually harder to write the poems now than it was before. Maybe I’ve used up all the obvious subjects and now have to go searching for things. That, or retread old ground. Which of course, isn’t mecessarily a bad thing.

Anyway, the paper back book of poems is getting closer and I still don’t have a lot of entries in the competition. So comment, share, tweet or reblog to get in the draw. (How many entries depends on what you do). Likes are nice, but they don’t get you anything apart from my gratitude.

And here is a poem.



A god, was coming to my house
to judge me
and all that I’d done.

He was going to check his lists
and his rules. He was going
to mark off each of my sins
with a gentle tut-tut
and a sad smile. He was going
to decide my future.


He was just an old man
with thick glasses and
a bald patch on top.

He rushed around
and wrinkled his nose,
and didn’t say much at all.
He looked like he was late
for the apocalypse.

Then the god was gone
and I was standing
in the doorway
of my half renovated house,
slightly bemused, and very
relieved, and wondering
what all the fuss had been about.


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