Poetry (Day 156): Grey

You may have noticed (or not) that yesterday was Day 149 and today is Day 156. I was going to celebrate Day 150 then realised that meant it was 33 days until the halfway point of the year… but that didn’t work out. So I went back and checked and discovered that I had 2 x Days 91, 109, 122 and 124 and 3 x Day 123. Really? Surely it isn’t that hard to get it right. And because of that, the 150 mile stone slipped by without me even knowing. Though of course, it is better than going backwards, I suppose.

So, Day 156 it is. I’m not going to go back and change the previous ones on the blog. They’ll be fine the way they are.

And… I’ve made it to Day 156. Woo hoo. Let’s celebrate. And it isn’t far to the half way point. Woo hoo.

I admit, the poems have been fairly short recently but hopefully I’ll get some longer stuff again soon. I should have an opportunity for something on monday, though I still wouldn’t expect The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner if I were you.

And I am also open to requests. Send a topic my way, if you have one. No guarantees.

And of course, letting me know in the comments will get you an entry in the “free book” competition. Sharing on Facebook and Twitter or reblogging will get you more entries. There aren’t a lot of them so far, so it looks like your chances will be pretty good at the end of the year.

Anyway, poem 156, inspired by the weather her in south-east Queensland..




Drizzle of rain whispering
outside the window.
Grey clouds settling in,
smudging the line
between day and night.


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