Just another reminder about my competition. To go in the running to win a signed copy of my book Leap Year: 366 Days of Poetry (or something like that) which will hopefully be released early next year (after my 366 days are up), you can do one of four things…

  1. Comment on any blog post, weather is is a poem or anything else. This will get you one entry in the competition.
  2. Share any post on Facebook. This will get you five entries.
  3. Retweet a post. Again, for five entries.
  4. Or reblog one of my posts. This will get you an amazing ten entries.

If you do a combination of the above you will get bonus entries– how many probably depends on how generous I am feeling and wether I can remember how many I gave to the last person.

I’m getting a few likes, and I do appreciate them, really, but they won’t get you any entries because while I may feel the love, it doesn’t help spread the word.

So there you have it. I will have to do these reminders every how and then in case new people come along, so please excuse them if you know all about the compeition and are doing everything in your power to actually avoid putting in an entry.

Have a nice day and I’ll throw another poem in your direction tomorrow.


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