When this year is over I will be putting all of my poems (probably slightly edited) into a book. At this point I intend to do illustrations and all sorts of fancy things. (OK, probably just the illustrations– I’m not sure how I can make a book fancier than that. And I’m not a very good illustrator, so the pictures may not be all that fancy either. But they will be unique. (o: )

So, I’m going to be running a 7 month long competition. Here’s how it works…

Every poem or post you comment on, including this one, gets you one entry. Every poem or post you share publically on Facebook (tagging me– will that work?) will get you five entries. And every reblog will get you ten entries. Do all three of those things and you’ll get a grand total of twenty entries. That sounds amazing. And so worth the effort.

And on the first of January 2017 I shall draw a winner out of an electronic hat and, when the book is ready to go (hopefully not too long after that– I will be starting to work on the illustrations soon), I will send an autographed copy out in the mail. If there are a lot of entries I may draw a couple of winners. If there are only two entries, I will just send a book out to everyone.

So, there you have it. The perfect chance for me to be embarrassed on the internet when I don’t get any entries. Or you could all enter and make my day.

Either way, I hope people are enjoying the poetry. It has been interesting doing it. And fun. And surprising. And hard.

Keep coming back.


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