Poetry (Day 122): Share House


    Share House


We need to have
a meeting.
No, really, don’t roll
your eyes.
This has been coming
for quite a while;
it’s not a big surprise

There are dishes filling
the kitchen sink
and there’s food
all over the bench.
I’m not even thinking about
the disease and the waste;
I just can’t get past
the stench.

Secondly, the heater.
There’s definitely something wrong.
Even after I turned it off
it still ran all night long.

And has one of you been in
the garden
with a machette
or a saw?
If you keep going
the way you are
soon there will be
no trees left at all.

Finally, within reason,
you can do what you like
with your private space.
But close the door
and keep the volume down.
We have to share this place.

The landlord came the other day
and had a look about.
To be honest, if we continue this way,
I think he’ll kick us out.

So look after the house—
it’s all we’ve got—
and try to see
each other’s point of view.
At least just for a little while;
I’m hoping to find somewhere new.


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