Poetry (Day 116): The Miles Slipped By

I think this may be the longest poem I have ever written. Perhaps it is all just waffle though. Oh well, maybe you like waffles. Enjoy. 🙂



    The Miles Slipped By


I drive that road
almost every day.
I know each bend
and bump, each bridge
and signpost along the way.

But today I caught
a glimpse
of a driveway
I’ve never noticed before.
And between the trees,
at the end of the long
curve of gravel
I saw a house
with a willow tree to the side
like a long haired girl
bent over a doll house.

Just for a second,
and then it was gone
as my car and my life
rushed onwards.

I made an effort
to slow down,
wondering what else
I might have missed
as the miles slipped by.

At home in the sun-
striped warmth of our familiar kitchen
I explained what had happened.
You smiled and told me
a story about the tree
you used to climb
at your Grandfather’s house.

A story
I’d not heard before.

I took a deep breath.
Looking at your face,
seeing your smile
as you remembered the clatter
of the railway line
beyond your Grandfather’s fence,
I wondered what else
I had missed
as the miles slipped by


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