Poetry (Day 100): Tomorrow

100 Days. 100 poems. Go and count them if you like. (Maybe someone whould. I did notice that I skipped number 13 or something or other of the numbered poems and had to fix it up. [I’m not sure if I put the skipped on in later or adjusted the numbers.] Anyway, where was I?)

Oh, right. 100 poems. I must say, I am atually pretty impressed by that. Perhaps I am easily impressed. I will admit that not all of the poems were great. Australia Day is one that stands out as disappointing. But I never said they were going to be great, did I?

Here are some things I learned from writing 100 poems in 100 days.

  1. It isn’t an easy thing to do.
  2. Still, it is possible and shows that writers block only exists if you let it. You think it’s hard writing a bit of prose every day? Try a poem. Just write something, and the miles will flow.
  3. Apparently it takes more than writing a poem a day to get readers to a blog. (Yes, I do have new followers, but there aren’t hundreds of them. Oh well. Thank you to those who have come and visited so far. Feel free to comment.)
  4. Encouragement really helps.
  5. Writing a poem a day makes it harder to write prose every day.
  6. I used to think rhyming made writing poems easier– it doesn’t (If it did, there would be a lot more rhyming poems on here.)

Anyway, I’ll shut up now and give you what you all came for. Poem number 100– I hope it lives up to the honor.



The journey
is long. But,
seeing we all know
I’m speaking in metaphors,
I can safely say that
all journeys must be long
or they are not
worth taking.

So, don’t worry
about what tomorrow
will bring.
Let your mind rest
on the next intersection,
the next landmark,
the next town.
The miles
will flow.

Let tomorrow
and the journey
take care of themselves.


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