Poetry (Day 70): Flight




The skill of flight
has always eluded me.
So now, everyday, I throw
myself at the sky in a new,
carefully orchestrated way
hoping art will succeed
where practice will not.


5 thoughts on “Poetry (Day 70): Flight

      • Cool. I should buy more poetry instead of just reading free crap on the net (or maybe I should actually just go looking for the good stuff o the net.). The last poetry book I aquired was an autographed copy of Dog Fox Field sent to me by Les Murray when I was 13. I’m getting old.

  1. I am currently working my way through the Scottish Poetry Podcast, good interviews with a variety of poets, English, American and Australian. I think when you hear a couple of good poems read by the poet themselves you get a pretty good sense as to whether or not their work is going to suit you.

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