Book Review: Pale Boundaries

Well, here’s something different. Though this review may end up being shorter than some of my poems…

Pale Boundaries by Scott Cleveland is a good book. (Is that enough? No? Okay then…)

Pale Boundaries is a sci-fi thriller that has the requsite fights and chases and all the rest, but also comes with its own set of 3 dimensional characters.

Terson Reilly has had his fair share of trouble with the law but he travells to Nivea to try to go straight. This obviously doesn’t work when trouble comes looking for him in the form of a criminal organisation in the midst of its own internal dispute. We get to know some of the criminals (on both sides of the law) and a parole officer to keep us in the story from all side.

The character are good, but they get a lot of help from the setting– both the natural world and the political/social construct that has grown on it.  A lot of thought has gone into the details and it all works together nicely.

Typos and like are fairly minor and Cleveland isn’t Shakespeare but he does know how to put a sentence together.

The end doesn’t even pretend to be a stand alone book, so there is that, but I have already bought the follow up, Embustero.

So, Pale Boundaries by Scott Cleveland is a good book. Go buy it here.


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