Poetry (Day 50): Goldilocks Zone

I made it to day fifty. OMG. (I don’t normally say or write that, for those of you who don’t actually know me. I’m not a OMG type of guy. But, really, OMG.)

I’m actually pretty astounded by my record so far. And some of the poems are actually all right (by my standards anyway– your standards may be different.)

I’m not sure that anything is getting easier, overall. Somedays I think about a poem for hours while doing other things and am still struggling by the end of the day. And sometimes I spit something out in five minutes. You can take a look back and see if you can work out which poem falls into which category, though I’m pretty sure that time, one way or the other, does not equate to quality. (Well, obviously all the poems are amazing so, you know…)

Anyway, here’s what you all came for…

   Goldilocks Zone

Uninhabited beachball
riding gravitational waves
in a cold blue universe.


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