Poetry (Day 25): Toddler Years

For those of you who are here for the poetry, remember I also have short stories and novels that can be purchased from Amazon. A four book sci-fi/fantasy series, The Tribes of the Hakahei, for about $8 if you buy the omnibus edition. Or book one on its own is free (In the US), if you don’t want to commit any money just yet. Or my short stories. There are also a couple of stand alone books, (The Brightest Light and The Age of Heroes) you might enjoy (well, the second one does stand on its own, but I’m working on some sequels.)

I am actually running a competition at the moment. Send proof of purchase for the entire Tribes of the Hakahei series (the omnibus will do) or for both The Brightest Light and The Age of Heroes to tucker @ tengama.com and you will go in the draw to be a character in a forthcoming novel. What a great prize… 🙂 (No, really. It won’t be just a walk on part; you might not be a major character, but you will be significant.)

If not, just keep coming back for the poetry. That’s pretty good too.

It’s a public holiday in Australia tomorrow, so enjoy your day if you are in this part of the world. Well, enjoy your day where ever you are.

Toddler Years

He’s a big boy
when we want him
to do something on his own.

He’s a little boy
when we need a reason
why we won’t let him.

The toddler years,
an unpredictable
hole in time
that expands and contracts
like a parent’s heart.


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