First Drafts

It’s been a while since I dropped by here, so I thought I should make an appearance.

I finished the first draft of A History of Magic a while ago and it is currently with readers. It is probably a bit rougher than I normally like my first drafts to be (well, I actually call it a draft-and-a-half at this stage) but I felt I was fiddling too much and might well fiddle into eternity.

So I sent it off and started working on book 3. And An Army of Heroes is moving along, though not as quickly as I would like. I suppose nothing ever goes as quickly as I would like.

The first “Be a character in a book” competition has been run and run. The winner, Christian, gets a mention in book 2 and will play a significant part in book 3. He will show up as a blond-haired, red-bearded, unusually-large dwarf. Who likes arhcery. Hopefully the dwarf will be enough like Christian that he can convince his friends that it really is him.

I also have another competiton running for the next book after this one. (if you don’t know about this competition, all you have to do is send proof of purchase for the entire Tribes of the Hakahei series. Or for The Brightest Light and The Age of Heroes to and you’ll go in the draw). After that, I may have to have a break because it ends in november and I won’t be close to starting the book by that stage. It is possibly going to be a sci-fi, gneration ship story. Or I could go back to The Subtle Chains. Or the fantasy western. Or…

So, I guess I have writing to do…


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