Tribes of the Hakahei: Omnibus Edition

This is pretty much just what the title says. I spent a few days putting all four books of the Tribes of the Hakahei into one volume and it is now available on both Amazon and Smashwords.

The Space Between is still free in the US on Amazon and Smashwords, or if you send me am email I can ssend out whatever format you like. That way you can see if you are interested in reading the rest of the series before you fork out any money. Then you can buy the individual books for about $11 US or you can go and get the Omnibus for $8 US. That’s a saving of… Well, I’m sure you can do the maths and work out that it’s a bargain for almost 400,000 words of sci-fi goodness.

And if you do purchase the entire series, in one form or the other, you can go in the draw to be a character in An Army of Heroes, the third (and final) volume in The Last Great Hero. You will have some choices about the choices about the character– good guy, bad guy, wizard or warrior, or a few other options as well. You might even get to choose if you live or die. (Though if you choose to be a bad guy, chances are you’ll die. Sorry about that.)

All you have to do is send me proof of puschase. And if you also do a review on Amazon you can have a second entry.

I am also considering an Ultimate Edition of the books. The series was originally 2 books before there was a lot or rewriting. And then it was 3 books. When I went from that to 4 books two characters were cut from book 1 and introduced in book 2 instead. If it was all one book, a lot of the early chapters from those 2 character would be inserted between those currently in The Space Between. So, there wouldn’t be any extra words (or different words) but some of the chapters would be in a different order. I just have to decide if that is worth the effort that it would involve.

In the mean time, I’m getting through A History of Magic, the sequel to The Age of Heroes. There are more sorcerers and more dwarves and more action. It’s fun so far.


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