http://freedesignfile.com/11486-different-spring-tree-elements-vector-05/Imagine that all of creation is a tree, a very big tree, and each leaf is a universe all on it’s own.

Now, imagine an ant.

If the ant wants, it can get to any other universe on the tree by walking along the stalks and the twigs and the branches and the trunk, but that takes a lot of time. Or, if it likes, it can jump from one leaf to another, but even a little jump takes more energy than most ants have to spare.

But sometimes, just some times, one leaf may be touching another. One leaf may brush against another as the tree dances in the breeze. It may be a leaf on the same twig or it may be a leaf on an entirely different branch.

And, when that happens, all it takes if timing or a bit of luck and an ant can slip from one universe to another.

Good luck or bad luck? I don’t know. That depends on what type of ant it is, exactly. And it depends if it’s our leaf.


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