Today’s Lesson


In the photo above the two black things in the foreground are the lids of water meters pits. They are about 30cm x 20cm in size. And in the background is one man’s attempt to make his two water meter lids less conspicuous… Admittedly there is also some type of lid over a tap underneath “Noah’s Raft”, but is about 10cm in diamater. The man just felt the need to cover them all with the Napolionic era aircraft carrier.

What can we learn from this, children?

Well, never let an idiot have power tools!

Okay, apart from that?

A deck looks much nicer when attached to a house?

Something writing related, perhaps?

Oh, right. How about, ‘Sometimes it is better to hide things in plain sight’. Sometimes you just need to get your secret out there, because if you don’t make a big deal of it, then most people won’t notice. Not until after the astounding reveal, anyway, and that’s the way it should be.

Anyway, i now need to sleep. I’ve started, sort of, on the next draft of The Age of Heroes. It was paused for a couple of days while I formatted The Brightest Light for Smashwords. Hopefully that should be available any day now, for those who want to read the story on something other than Kindle. Hopefully that’s what everyone is waiting for, because, despte a couple of nice reviews, nobody seems interested in buying it at this stage. Oh well, off to the marketing drawing board, I suppose. Or just finish some more writing and get people interested via that…

Shut up, all right. I’m onto it.


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