I’ve been very slack recently. I’m waiting on the readers to get back to me about The Age of Heroes and in the mean time I’m… not doing much. I’ve read through Shadow of the Dragon. I like what I read but it hasn’t lured me into doing a whole heap. I’ve done a bit of fiddling but that is really about it.

As I walk at work I’ve been trying to get the Heroes sequel organised in my head. At least the first few scenes but not a lot is happening there either.

I know what I have to do. I just have to start writing. I know that if I do that I’ll eventually find the start of the story. Which is one of the good things about Scrivener– when I do eventually find the start, it will be very easy to move it to where it is supposed to be.

So now, to write something.


3 thoughts on “Slacker

  1. You’re not alone, Scott. While awaiting reader feedback (all too often, it never comes), I go into shut-down mode as a writer. Are they politely remaining silent rather than telling me my manuscript didn’t hold their attention? Did they get busy and forget me? I’ve cut way back on beta-reading because it tends toward being a one-sided activity. That said, I’d be willing to let you know if Heroes passes my page one test. 🙂 Aussies tend to be great story tellers!

  2. Ohhh….I still have Space Between in my Kindle, squished breathless in a small elevator with a few thousand other titles. Last night I finally finished a Charles Barouch novella. Busy summer! I haven’t kept up with Amazon Vine, either — three memoirs to review for them. Lesson learned: I don’t like to read memoirs. Never accept another one again.

    • I’ve never been tempted by a memoir. I’ve got a biography of Daniel Boone that I’ve been meaning to read for years but its about a foot thick and would take md s year to get through so it will probably never happen.

      And I can send you the final-ish draft of ‘Age of Heroes’ in a couple of days if you want… You can do a ore release review and give feedback. Or just read the first page and give feedback. Or whatever you want 🙂

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