Age Of Heroes

Age of Heroes is a stand alone novella (well you know, it’s a complete story but sequels will follow if some people buy it) that covers about a week in the life of Rawk,”The last of the great Heroes. The greatest of the great Heroes”. There’s humour, action, romance, sewerage and dwarves. Not necessarily in that order.

At the moment the story stands at about 40 thousand words and I quite like a lot of those words. There’s “and” and “if” and “duen”, the last of which I am especially attached to. And those 40 thousand words make up 100% of the secondy-third draft. (Yes, it can sometimes be a it hard to tell where my drafts begin and end.) But what that basically means is that, yes, I finished a draft the other day.

The story is now in the hands of one reader and another is just getting himself organised so he should have it any day too. I know some things that I want to add into the next draft, but those things don’t amount to much more than colour and little details that will be relevant in the mythical Book 2.

All things going well (which obvioulsy they won’t), Age of Heroes should be hitting digital book shelves in about 2 months. And I for one can not wait.


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