Second Draft

I always feel guilty about putting a story aside for a while. I should fight my way through whatever it is that is bugging me and just write because it possible that I will never go back. Or that when I do go ack it won’t be any easier.

But yes, I’ve put aside a YA, steampunkish fantasy novella I’ve been working on. This time it isn’t quite so bad because I have starte a new story or stopped doing anything at all. I’ve actually gone back and started the second draft of The Age of Heroes.

Reading the first draft, I quite like it, which is always nice. I’ve been adding to it as I went, which is what usually happens with my second drafts, filling in holes and adding breadth to the story (as opposed to depth). I’m adding things to the periphery of the story, little bits that build character and setting and setting things up for the next two books.

It’s going well. I like it, and I can’t wait to get it out into the world.


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