Body Piercing for Babies

I took my kids to their regular swimming lessons today (not that that is really relevant, but anyway) and saw a baby girl, about 5 months old, with pierced ears. And… Well, I think it should be banned. Seriously. No body piercing of any kind until a child is old enough to see the piercing gun and think, “There’s no way you’re doing that to my ear.”

I know my view is going to offend a lot of people, but that has never stopped me in the past.

Does anybody really think the mothers (yes, I said ‘mothers’. I doubt the fathers have any say.) do it because it they think it will be good for their daughters? Do they do it because their daughter has been at her for months to get it done? Do they do it because they want to save them the pain later on in life?

Pretty sure the answer to all those questions is ‘No’.

The mothers do it because “Oh, isn’t she cute,” makes the mother feel better. It’s the same as all the makeup and hair styling and whatever else that goes on with those crazy beauty pageants in the US.

Mothers, don’t try to live you lives through your daughters. Don’t cause them pain just so they make you look better. Don’t think that your idea of beauty and what a littel girl wants and needs will mesh with what they think.

That’s all. I probably didn’t express my disgust all that well, but anyway.


4 thoughts on “Body Piercing for Babies

  1. Hi Scott, I totally agree about anyone under 16 having piercings or tattoos when they are too young and immature to make a rational decision. I think most of it stupid mothers and consider it child abuse, something the British NSPCC seems to ignore.

    • The picture I posted is from a article from Germany which says the German government has (or is thinking about) banning piercings for children (can’t remember the ages mentioned). And parents are complaining about losing rights. What about the rights of the child to not have unnecessary needles shot through their ear lobes?

  2. It has been brought to my attention (and I knew it beforehand) that in western culture body piercing is just done as decoration but in other cultures it can also be religious and stuff like that. In that latter situation men are probably at least as responsible for the practice as women.

  3. I have to agree it’s just rude, self-obsessed parents who care little to nothing about the feelings of their children. “To hell with how they like it, it’s cute.” Pitiful. I bet baby gets a “yeah, yeah, ok, it’t over now hush.” GHAAA!!! makes me so angry. Worse than kicking puppies.

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