More Review Goodness

I challenge anyone on the internet to find a bad review of any of my books. Okay, someone did a two star review on Amazon for my book of short stories The Ferrymen and Other Fantastic Stories. The entire review goes like this… “sorry read around 20 or 30 pages on kindle, just was not my type of si fi, well written from what I read” (I added some spaces into that.)

Well written but not your thing? That’s like a monkey reviewing a dress. ‘Nice colours, and well made, but I don’t like it because it drags on the ground.’ Why even bother?

Anyway, this is my way of getting around to saying that there is another review of The Space Between available for your viewing pleasure on the internet. It can be found at A Book a Day Reviews.

It is, of course, a wonderful review. As you would expect.


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