Some of you may not know what NaNoWriMo is– like anyone who doesn’t write, possibly. It is National Novel Writing Month, and ‘event’ held each November where writers and such spend the month trying to complete 50,000 words of a novel.

There are serious writers who hate the whole concept and tell others they are crazy if they do it. “You might get 50,00 words of of it (if you’re lucky) but they will be 50,000 words of crap.”

Well, duh. Obviously. But the point is, for a lot of people, they are 50,000 words they wouldn’t otherwise not have had, or ever have gotten. For a lot of people it’s about nothing more than proving they can do it.

And of course, a lot of those same ‘serious’ writers will tell you that writing is all about editing. I don’t completely agree with that, necessarily (ie– if you can write it perfectly the first time, or well enough, then you don’t need to edit at all. But, not many people are even that close to that good) but that goes counter to the argument that NaNoWriMo is a waste of time. Because, umm, like, after you have the 50,000 crap words you edit them. And then edit them again. And again, and…

I’m not fussed either way, though this year, for the second time, I am taking part. Unofficially. There is a website where you can sign up and update your progress and print out a certificate at the end of the month if you succeed. I won’t be doing any of that (including the ‘succeed’ bit incidentally) because that all just seems like a few more distractions. But I have written about 10k words in the last 10 days, which is pretty good after the slow couple of months I’ve been having.

The ‘50,000 words of crap’ also concerns me a bit, I must say. Yes, they are words I didn’t have before and all that, but I hate editing. Well, not hate, but I certainly don’t enjoy it as much as writing new stuff. I know the story. I know… you know… Everything. Sort of. And you just never seem to get anywhere with editing. The story doesn’t get any longer, and with me, it normally doesn’t change all that dramatically. (Maybe I need a really tough editor.)

But I’m NaNoWriMoing a story call, Crossroads, Bk 1 of Age Of Heroes. And I declare that the first draft will be done by Christmas. You just wait and see.


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