The Flow

I’ve been having a hard time getting into writing recently. One issue is the fact that I don’t get a chance to write in the morning. Another is I’ve been lazy. Another is the internet. Yes, I have issues.

What I’ve been doing though, is editing instead. I’m working (once more) on the long awaited, much delayed, POD version of The Brightest Light. The story is getting one final read through after the changes suggested by Rowena Cory Daniells. Then it’s on to the formatting. And I’ve discovered I was doing the formatting wrong last time. I was adjusting the line spacing to make the last lines on matching pages line up when I should have been adjusting the kerning. Who would have thought you could look up stuff like that on this new fangled internet thingy. Oh well, now I know and will do it right.

After that, depending on how I’m feeling, I will either start on The Age of Heroes or do some more editing/2nd drafting on Shadow of the Dragon. I really should do the latter as it will be a much quicker task and, as I need to be a bit of work on the story, it will lead me further towards writing completely new words.

I am a notoriously bad starter when it comes to novels. I have false starts and restarts and periods of inaction before finally getting the feel for the thing and going ahead at full steam.

I also have an idea for a short story (now that is a surprise– and I’m not being sarcastic), tentatively titled Impossible Bridges, (there are elves and dwarves and bridges) which I think I will try to hammer out quickly over a weekend or something without having to worry about the pressure of 80k words.


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