Nice House, Shitty Mailbox v7

I’m up to 4 followers on my blog now (okay, maybe a couple more than that, but not a whole heap). Woo hoo. I think they’re coming along for Nice House, Shitty Mailbox. Who’d have thunk? Anyway, I have recently discovered posting by email. So, what I need to know from those who have chosen to follow (and thank you very much to those who have– you know who you are. No, really, you do) is if you would be annoyed receiving two or three (or sometimes none) emails a day from my blog telling you that I’ve posted one of the Instagram pics (or a normal pic) that I take while wandering* around for work. There probably won’t be any Shitty Mailbox (I want to save those for special occasions), just one’s similar to those visible down on the side panel of the blog (not the little yellow guy– that’s Breakfast Man [he takes my place at breakfast for my son when I have to leave for work early]).

So, let me know, if you can. I don’t want to be annoying the few followers I have 🙂

Is there anything else you’s like to see? Not sure if I can oblige, but I just might.

Anyway, to the mailboxes. Today’s theme (don’t expected one of them every time either) is creatures. Enjoy.


This is just unfortunate. A real turkey. (Jeeze, I’m hilarious.) It’s an animal, which is normally a terrible start. But then, it’s a turkey. And a badly done one. Oh well.

4 cow

I could almost give this letterbox a pass. if it was on a farm. Or even acreage. But no. It’s on a tiny little block on a suburban estate. And you have to use a handle (the ring in the bull’s nose) to open the moth and put in the mail. Do you know how annoying it is, having to use two hands ot put something in a mail box?


This one is great. It isn’t the old cliche of putting the mail in the mouth. But the alien isn’t just holding the letterbox. He’s ripped it out of the ground and is going to use it to assault anyone who tries to put in anything other than Christmas cards.

* ‘Wandering’ make it sound like a leisurely stroll, not 5 or 6 hours of solid, fast walking.


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