Nice House, Shitty Mailbox v6

For those of you who arrived late, Nice House Shitty Mailbox is just like the title says. It’s about people who have nice houses (maybe not expensive, but ones that they obviously take pride in) but the crappiest mailboxes in existence. Mailboxes they found on scrapheaps or bought of E-Bay and had shipped via the craziest driver working for Crazy Dave’s Monster Truck Delivery Service. (Does that exist? I’d use it just to have a monster truck drive up my street and park out the front of my house, preferably on top of my neighbour ‘s car).

Anyway, without further ado, today’s episode is brought to you by “Plastic Buckets That Once Had Plaster (or something similar) In Them”.

3 bucket

I’m conflicted about this one. It’s a brand new house that has a plastic plaster bucket for a mail box. But it’s a brand new bucket too and they’ve obviously gone to a bit of effort to make it look nice and tidy…

Not so conflicted here. It's a bucket hanging crookedly on a star picket.

Not so conflicted here. It’s a bucket (hanging crookedly) from the side of a star picket. The slot is messy. The writing is messy. And the lid isn’t even on properly so the mail will probably fall out anyway.


2 thoughts on “Nice House, Shitty Mailbox v6

  1. Hi Scott, interesting images. Over here in the UK we tend to have a letterbox slot in the door. If you life in flats (apartments) you may have a mailbox in the lobby or entrance to the block but they are usually built in and not put in by the tennants or owners. Hope things are well for you and your family, Bill Fox (UK)

  2. Thanks, Bill.

    The slots wouldn’t work in Australia for the most part. Mail is delivered by motorbike more often than not and you wouldn’t catch the guys getting off the bike at every house so they could walk up to the door. I think inner city apartments might have internal mail boxes but even the suburban ones are external where they can be a lot more easily accessed.

    And everything is going great, thanks. We have a house after 4 years of living in a shed. It has plumbing and a kitchen. it’s nice. 🙂 (The shed was at my parent’s place, so we used their plumbing and had a makeshift kitchen– anything would be a luxury after that.)

    Hope everything is going well over there as well.

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