The Trouble With Real Life

Okay, maybe not real life. The trouble with writing about real life.

I normally write fantasy and science fiction. That’s pretty much all I have every written. I sit down and I make everything up. What’s the name of the city? Bruce. Which direction does the river flow? East to west. How long does it take to get to that planet over there? 5 days. When did the war start? 2079.  What season is it? Winter. Is it snowing? Yes. Great, done. It’s as easy as that. Sometimes I’ve been forced to do some research but with the internet it generally takes about 5 minutes to get the information. It may not be exactly correct, but the types of stories I write generally don’t need to be that accurate.

But you know I told you about that online writing project I’m working on with a couple of other people.

It’s set in the real world and within five minutes of starting to write I had to do research. Does it snow in Tel Aviv? How far from there to Ramallah? What was happening with the internet in 1993? ‘s actually fun doing the research, but I generally get distracted by all the interesting stuff. And looking at maps and Google Street View. And blogs.

Now, stop bugging me: I have writing to do.


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