Nice House, Shitty Mailbox v4

I know the idea of Nice House, Shitty Mailbox is… Well, like the title says. But sometimes mailboxes, for very different reasons, are works of art in their own right. There are three below.


This might actually classify as Nice House, Shitty mailbox. The house was terrible as well, but it was nowhere near the standard of shittyness achieved by the mail box. It might well be better to throw the letters on the ground.


Hmmm… Throw the letters on the ground? I think that happens automatically, right after you try to put them in the mailbox.

autumn mailbox 1

This one? I couldn’t see the house to make any judgments, but I loved the mailbox. I actually took about 5 pictures– this is the best my cheap phone could come up with.


2 thoughts on “Nice House, Shitty Mailbox v4

  1. Thank you an thank you.

    It’s actually pretty hard to take decent photos on my phone– the screen gets so much glare it’s sometimes hard to even see what I’m looking at. A new phone should be arriving any day now which will help with that. Now if only I could take a bit of time. I don’t like to stand around too long seeing I’m supposed to be working. So, I’ll take the credit, but I’m sure there must be some luck involved too. 🙂

    Oh, for time to actually go and take some pictures with a real camera.

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