Nice House, Crappy Mail Box v3

I’ve been flat out recently. We have moved house and I’ve been working longer hours and… Yeah, you’ve heard all the excuses. I haven’t done much writing at all and I am trying to, finally, get The Brightest Light ready for Print on Demand. So, while you all eagerly wait for that, here are some more mail boxes.


The mailbox isn’t all that bad, but the tomato stake that’s holdig it up makes it look… sad and lonely.

mailbox22b twins

The house you can see isn’t a palace, but it would have to be falling down to be of the same standard as the mail box. The second house was actually fairly nice but there were trees in the way. Two for the price of one though is always great.


Again, the house isn’t wonderful, but.. The mail box isn’t even facing the right direction. Give it a few months and that might not be a problem because you’ll just be able to use the letters to poke a hole through the rust.


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