Nice House, Shitty Mailbox

While I’m waiting for lots of people to realise how wonderful my books are (well, I don’t care if they think they’re wonderful at the moment, as long as they pay for them), or for James Cameron to buy the movie rights, I have to find other ways to make money. So, I find myself reading water meters. To do that, I have to walk past a lot of houses, funnily enough.

Something I’ve noticed– and found very funny– is how many times there are really nice house with really horrible letterboxes. There are houses worth $500k dollars with letterboxes that look like they’ve been found on the side of the road. Found on the side of the road then kicked a few times.

letterbox6 small

I had a witty caption here. Somebody stole it.

So, welcome to my new regular (well, you’ve seen my blog, maybe, so it’s hard to say ‘regular’ with a straight face) segment– Nice House, Shitty Mailbox. Catchy, isn’t it.

letterbox01 small

Right, can you see the problem with this one? The letterbox must have sentimental value.

The houses don’t necessarily have to be expensive, but they have to be well looked after.

So here are some that I saw today. Keeping in mind that they were taken on my crappy phone and I’m supposed to be working and there are obvious limits on composition.

Anyway, enjoy. Or ignore, if that’s what you like. But if you ignore this great post, you have to go and buy a book. No, seriously. That’s the rule.

letterbox02 small

How about this one? It’s fine if you leave to the left a bit.

letterbox7 small

And, today’s winner. But at least I can read the numbers.

And if you see any great shitty mailboxes, let me know. I love them.


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