A New Cover for The Brightest Light. Maybe.

So, I had a cover artist organised to help get The Brightest Light ready for the POD world. That didn’t work out, so I got someone else. And that didn’t work out either. After all that, I decided to do it myself.

So, about 3 months after this all started (so much for getting the book out in time for Christmas) I would like to offer my home made cover up for comment.

So, presenting two covers. One for a print version of the book and one based on the same design for the e-book.

The Brightest Light POD Cover



the brightest light e-pod cover jpgAll comments are welcome and appreciated. In fact, please comment on everything. Does the blurb hook you? Any idea what the shape in the middle is? Are the colours pretty (not that that will mean much on the Kindle, but anyway).

I was obviously trying to do something a bit different, so hopefully it worked. If people like them, a print version will be available soon, and I know you’ve all been waiting for that.


3 thoughts on “A New Cover for The Brightest Light. Maybe.

  1. Here are my thoughts…. ( as someone w/a bachelor’s in art, but not a focus in graphic design)
    I like the sun/light between “Brightest” and “Light” on the spine better.
    I see the shape in the middle as a floating city. I asked my almost 3yo if it looked like a city to her & she said “No, it’s a tower.” For whatever that’s worth.;)
    There’s something about the contrast between the black areas (city & ground below) and the blue sky that seems a bit too disconnected. Perhaps if the black areas weren’t a flat black, but had some hints of shade & light. I’m not sure if it would need to match up with the areas of shade & light in the sky or if it just needs some variation so it’s not so flat.

    Does the blurb hook me? I’m not sure. I’ll admit that I’m mostly interested in reading it because I enjoyed the Tribes of Hakahei series; even if some of the typos & other errors about drove me batty. Since we’re being frank & honest here. 😉

  2. Argh… Hate this type of thing (not your comment– the not-writing-stories-but-trying-to-do-other-stuff thing). The whole, too flat thing stymied another coupe of versions of my covers as well. I have now started a crowd funding thing to see if I can get some money to get proper covers. Will see how that goes. I’ve missed xmas now, so a few weeks more won’t matter. Oh well.

  3. I don’t know that you need to scrap this whole concept because of that, it wouldn’t be that hard to add some tints and shading to it.
    What program did you use to put this together?

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