A short Review– The Wizard That Wasn’t

https://dwtr67e3ikfml.cloudfront.net/bookCovers/a87b4ccf28769effc5b282d62c3a45f1d737ff6b-tinyLundin is a petronaut technician who wonders why there can’t be a machine to do magic and sets about finding out.

The Wizard That Wasn’t by Ben Rovik is a fantasy, diesel punk novella that mixes interesting ideas, great characters and good writing. There’s humour, action, magic and strange machines.

My only real complaint is the length. Yes, it’s a novella but… I want more. I think I would’ve liked more details. We don’t get much of anything away from the immediate necessities of the story. This keeps the action moving along, but I’d like to get a feel for the city and a bit of back-story for the characters.

I already have the second book.

You can get The Wizard that Wasn’t here. I suggest you do so right this minute.

Five stars.


4 thoughts on “A short Review– The Wizard That Wasn’t

    • Thanks Ben. Hope you enjoy it.

      And I really think you should stop giving your novellas away for free– even if you charge $.99. Now that you have the short story out there you can use that as the freebie to draw people to the other stuff.

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