Review- Voidhawk

Here’s another quick review.


Voidhawk, by Jason Halstead.

Well, this book certainly isn’t Shakespeare.

Dexter finds a derelict spaceship (like, really a ship, with timber decks and sails and all that kind of thing) and, with the help of his dwarf friend, makes it space-worthy. They then set off on a series of adventures.

There isn’t any real point to the story, they just move from one situation to another. And a lot of these situations seem to bring another member into the crew of strange characters.

There are a few inconsistencies with dialog. Situations are sometimes a bit convenient. And, though it’s a fantasy as much as science fiction, it still bother’s me that asteroids have moons.

There are also a few typos and grammatical errors.

But luckily enough, it isn’t supposed to be Shakespeare. It’s a good, fun read that doesn’t tax the brain too much. There’s action and romance and some fun characters. It’s also free as the author is trying to suck you into the rest of the series. So definitely worth the money :). I’ll probably get the next one at some point.

I give Voidhawk 4 stars.


4 thoughts on “Review- Voidhawk

  1. Hi Scott, just finished reading part 4 of your tribes series which I really enjoyed, an exciting and well paced climax. I cannot get Voidhawk in the UK, do you have a direct connection to the author? If not, thanks anyway, Bill Fox

  2. Hi Scott, forget that, I have managed to get it after a bit of a glitch with Amazon UK. Thanks for letting me know abot the book. I’ll give it a try. Bill Fox (UK fan)

  3. Hi Bill

    Glad you like the final book. And thanks for letting me know as well.

    It’s always (as if I’ve written a thousands of them) a worry with the last book– it’s the memory people will be left with (if they get that far). Mess it up and maybe you’ve lost them forever. Nail the last 100 pages, and all the bad bits previously might be forgiven. 🙂

    Jason Halstead has a website here… He’s only giving away the first two chapters for free there, but seeing its free on Amazon he might send all of it (strange if he doesn’t). Though maybe not if you can’t buy the rest. I think it’s also available on Smashwords, if that helps.

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