As ever, a new book up for sale and I check Amazon every second to see how many hundred people have bought my book. The answer… .0001 hundred normally.

It’s hard being an indie writer. As I said in my previous post I spent about ten years writing Tribes of the Hakahei. I sent the first book out to publishers and they all the replies pretty much fell into two categories. There were the form letters and there were those who said, ‘We like the story, it has lots of good points, but we don’t think the market is large enough’.

I know, the story isn’t one that’s easy to categorise. It fantasy character in a sci-fi world. A fairly large chunk of book 1 is actually set on a fantasy world. Most of the rest is set on Earth. With book 2, a lot is set on fantasy worlds again, and the rest is in space. So, I know. Is it fantasy or sci-fi. Who do you try to sell the damn thing to?

But that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s good, obviously. It doesn’t mean I don’t think there is a market out there for it. It just means you have to find the market and with an advertising budget of nothing it can be a bit hard. (Actually, I spent $5 the other day advertising my latest round of free days.)

Giving away free books is one form of marketing, especially if you give away the first book in a series. So far, I’ve given away about 4500 copies of book one. And this has led to mabye 50 sales of book two. Does this mean that only 1% of peope who downloaded the book actually liked it enough to want to continue the series?

Well, no, if only it as that easy to do that sums. What is really means is that lots of people have my book on their Kindle and haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. And probably most of them wont. People just like free stuff. They like to tell their friedns, ‘I have 1000 books on my Kindle.

Reviews are good marketing too. Or can be. They can help, anyway. But of those not many who read the free book, a total of about 1% will actually come back to write a review. And, I suppose it might be possible, that not everyone of those people who write a review will say they like the book (hard to believe though that is). Any sort of feedback is wonderful but unfortunately it is hard to get. But I will keep trying.

So what is this post actually about today?

Nothing much, just me having a whine and feeling sorry for myself. 🙂

Back to the grindstone. I’m trying to get Shadow of the Dragon finished by the end of the month so I can do NaNoWriMo.


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