The Relationship is Over


The relationship is over. It was a long relationship– about a decade– and I have to say it’s a relief to finally see the back of it.*

Yes, final readings have been done. Formatting has been done. And the final volume of Tribes of the Hakahei has been released into the world.

Yes, there will be further conversations. We’ll pass in the street. I’ll make up PDF, epub and mobi versions to send out to people (specifically those who originally donated), but I’ve kick that damn book book out onto the street.

I’ve been seeing ‘Shadow of the Dragon’ for the last few weeks. We used to date a few years ago but I’ve had trouble recommitting with A Different Kind of Heaven still hanging around.

So, anyway, enough of that crap…

A Different Kind of Heaven is available to purchase on Amazon. Tribes of the Hakahei is done. The first book will be free over the weekend, so tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell people you don’t even know.

*In case you don’t get it, no, I haven’t broken up with my wife.


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