Kickstarter Pissed Me Off

Yesterday, I decided to go through Kickstarter to try to get some money. I wanted to be able to pay for four new covers for the Tribes of the Hakahei books. I don’t mind the ones I have, but they aren’t great. And I want some great one so I can organise some POD versions of the books.

So I spent an hour or more inputting my info. Click this tab. Lots of typing. Save. Click this other tab, lots more typing save. Then went to another tab, lots more typing, try to add a link… lost everything. Even the bits I’d saved.

Start again.

The second time something went wrong, at least the previous pages had been saved. So I set to work updating the tab that I’d lost, only to discover that I’d actually, somehow, started a new project and saved the new tab onto there. Damn it.

So, transfer that info into the first project, once I worked out where the hell it was.

And then?

Then I found out that you have to be American to be able to get the payments through Amazon. Which is just bloody stupid. Amazon pays me (or will soon) for my Kindle book sales. I will one day, hopefully, get money off them for stuff bought thought my Amazon Associates links.

But apparently they can’t work out how to pay me for the Kickstarter stuff. I don’t mind if it’s a check (which is how I’ll get the Kindle money). I just want to be able to pay for some covers.

Kickstarter should make the whole American thing a bit more obvious, I think. Oh well, maybe it’s just me.

And in related news. I’m getting a cover for The Brightest Light so I can do a POD version of that. It’s much easier paying for one cover than for 4.

Hopefully that will be happening soon.


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