Missed the Deadline

This isn’t a post about writing (though I am working on Shadow of the Dragon while I wait, very impatiently, for final proof-readers to get back to me about A Different Kind of Heaven).

This is about photography. Way back, I said I was going to post photos on here every week. And by ‘way back’ I mean more than a week ago. Oh well. But here are some photos.

I work as a Water Meter Reader and I have walked past this old piece of farming equipment three times and thought, I should come back here and take some photos. So, I finally got around to it. I think it might be a thresher, or something like that. If someone knows for sure, could you let me know.

I actually think old machinery like this is my favourite thing to photograph. If anyone knows where I can find some good examples to look at, I’d appreciate that as well.
Any way, to the pics…


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